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Percent-encoded URLs to Wikipedia articles don't get converted to linked articles if you paste them into the article body.
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How it's supposed to work:

  1. Open a page in VisualEditor.
  2. Paste a URL in like this one:,_Massachusetts
  3. Rejoice in the the magically converted wikilink.

How it's actually working, if the URL contains percent encoding:

  1. Open a page in VisualEditor.
  2. Paste a URL in like this one:
  3. Realize that the only way to 'fix' it is to delete that, type the desired label, select it, open the link tool, and search for a link the usual way.

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I believe that I fixed this with cc78cb2d0658a4dd157dd2b3dd0cc9aaca4ac786, though I hadn't noticed this bug, and instead attached it to T137831.

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Yup, this works.