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Switch cxserver to use Node.js 4.2 (ie > 0.10.x)
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Switch to Node.js 4.2 (ie > 0.10.x) for cxserver. This will resolve SSL issue we faced a day back.

Similar to: T107762

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Arrbee triaged this task as Medium priority.Dec 11 2015, 7:28 AM
Arrbee subscribed.

Not in the Jan 28th- Feb 1st (FOSDEM and all). Otherwise, when would you like to do it ?

I'm moving Labs instance of cxserver to Node.js 4.2 first and put result here.

Monday 15th Feb 09:00 UTC ?. I think we can manage with 0 downtime. We did for graphoid and mathoid for sure. But a maintenance window is needed however, just to be on the safe side

@akosiaris confirm. Can you add window to Deployment calendar?

So, Feb 15th, US holiday, no deployments. I 'll move it a day to Feb 16th, same time.

cxserver is now migrated to scb which has node.js 4.2 and working fine. Thanks @akosiaris