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Bad image list doesn't strip image parameters from link
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When an image triggers the bad image list, the pipe side of the link is inserted raw as the link text as if it were a regular link.

This is less than ideal, and results in very broken rendering when parameters such as "thumb" or a pixel size are used. For instance this link:

[[Image:Intimpiercing Frau Klit vorhaut.jpg|thumb|250px|Horizontal clitoral hood piercing.]]

renders as the text:

|thumb|250px|Horizontal clitoral hood piercing.

when what might be expected would be just the caption text:

Horizontal clitoral hood piercing.

There are a couple possible ways to deal with this. One would be to go ahead and run the link through Parser::makeImage()'s parameter processing and try to strip out any contained markup from the caption. This would maintain the current behavior in most simple cases (where a simple caption with no markup is present but no other parameters), while providing a relatively expected result when there's some light markup or use of parameters.

Another possibility would be to change the rendering to something like standard thumb/frame rendering, with a little click-through icon or explanatory note.

Version: 1.11.x
Severity: minor



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It should probably give a warning when attempting to save, similar to the spam blacklist warning.

Current behaviour has changed, now such images are ignored completely.