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Download audio file
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Audio file is available in various formats for download

Process: Recital
Step: 4 Audio player
Property (Swedish): 5 Ladda ner ljudfil
Priority: MVP
Time estimate: 9
Team: WMSE

Identified as a property during the pilot study.

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Jopparn renamed this task from [Story] Download audio file to [Story] Download audio file (Wikispeech).Apr 28 2016, 6:56 AM
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@Danny_B Hi. Is there a convention around not using [Story] in the title? Wondering since in e.g. search results and when setting blockers you can easily see [Story] in the title but not Story.


  • Including tags in task title isn't scalable
  • Including tags in task title influences (well, clutters) search results (ie. false positives)
  • You can see Story in search results
  • Tags exist exactly because of not adding them to task titles... ;-)

(speaking of which - there is also no need to have (Wikispeech) in title, since there is Wikispeech project)

While I definitely agree that using tags is cleaner it does make it harder to distinguish story tasks from non-story tasks in search results or add blocker (below).

Add blocker interface:

temp1.png (212×847 px, 26 KB)

Search interface:

temp2.png (580×1 px, 51 KB)

  • You can see Story in search results

I assume you mean these tasks are visible. What I meant was that you can't easily see the actual tag.

We actually started out not having (Wikispeech) as part of the task name but discovered that this made our tasks less findable in several of the interfaces.

Maybe move this discussion to it's own task?

Lokal_Profil renamed this task from Download audio file (Wikispeech) to Download audio file.May 18 2016, 11:40 AM

Notes on this from an unrelated meeting:

    • This works well as a stand alone package which can be attacked at a Hackathon, by a volonteer or by André (without it blocking Sebastian).
  • A short meeting to sketch up the basics would be needed before that along with some basic investigation of what can be used for concatenating audio files server side.

Assuming that this means downloading recitation for one or more pages to listen to offline, this is still something that could be useful. Not very important, but probably not too much work.