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Possible race condition in webservice HSET/HDEL
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See T122509#1906294 for details. In short: I think it's possible the post-exit script of an old webservice to HDEL the server/port information of a newly started webservice.

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The only way around this that I can think of is for the post-exit script to first check that the kv that is actually there really /is/ the one it expects to delete before going ahead and deleting it.

Because it's not atomic, it's not perfectly raceproof - but it protects against variable delay before the post-exit script starts (which may be considerably delayed for a number of reasons).

We could use a different data structure in Redis. Currently:> HGETALL prefix:admin
1) ".*"
2) "">

.* is a regular expression that IIRC was intended to allow more advanced uses. If we instead use prefix:admin as a list instead of a hash, I think we could use LREM prefix:admin 1 to (only) remove the "old" entry.

I'm not sure if my memory serves me correctly, but I think we previously did just that with portgranter, i. e. only remove the entry that was created, and we ran into problems when the removal part did not execute for whatever reason and we had two (or more) entries in Redis. And so – I think – the "remove all entries" solution was chosen so that there is a clean slate to build on.

I can confirm this is what is happening. When I try to reschedule crosswatch, the following happens:

valhallasw@tools-proxy-01:~$ tail -f /var/lib/redis/tools-proxy-01-6379.aof | grep -e 'crosswatch' -C 5

First the new location is set, then the old one is removed.

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This seems resolved somehow, no more issues since then, will reopen if new issues arise.

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