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beta swift labs instances requirements
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I'm looking into disk requirements for having swift in beta, ATM deployment-upload:/data/project/upload7 is ~73GB. I'd like to replicate data at least 2x in beta or ideally 3x, provisioning 3x xlarge instances seems unnecessary wasteful in terms of cpu/mem I think. What's the easiest way to get medium/large instances with additional (e.g 80-100G) local disk? I'm fine with provisioning xlarge instances of course if cpu/mem waste isn't a big concern

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We can probably make you special instances that have more disk and less CPU/RAM, but it's probably also ok to use xlarge since instance CPUs aren't really used when they aren't used.

/data/project/upload7 hasn't been cleaned up in ages.

  • InstantCommons is enabled and thus lot of files are copied from production commons. We can probably nuke a lot of them
  • We can probably nuke math, temp, thumb subdirectories

thanks @hashar ! I'd like to have some wiggle room just in case

anyways I don't seem to be able to add large/xlarge instances to deployment-prep ATM, quotas have been hit perhaps?

@chasemp @yuvipanda @Andrew I'm assuming there's enough capacity to bump the limit and how to do that?

I just bumped up instance count limit for you guys! And \o/ to seeing this
happen, maybe we can finally get rid of NFS from deployment-prep!

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