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Special:Notifications does not contain wrapper <a> linking to primary link
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See screenshot, the problem: The message does not contain any links, not at Special:Notifications and no one at the panel too. This is very impractical, if you want to view that page.


EchoII.PNG (263×657 px, 11 KB)

Screenshot from Special:Notifications?uselang=en at dewiki. The red circled page titles are not links.

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There will be changes to the notifications page. I think we will add a big link that goes to the primary link (Oscar... in this case) (there should be a task for this if there isn't already).

In the popup/flyout, there is already such a big link (the whole popup notification).

Also, the things that look like links of course are.

We wanted to remove inline links to simplify formatting. This will also eventually make native apps, etc. easier.

There were many inconsistencies regarding how a notification was structured. Some notifications included many links, as well as the entire rectangular block being a clickable link, which caused some regular confusion. That is one small factor of the ongoing work in T113228: Better organization for the Notification panel.

In the panel, the entire rectangular block of the notifications text is now a single link, without any secondary embedded-links. (If this doesn't work for you, please tell us what browser/OS you're using). The secondary links are added below that block.

In the Special:Notifications page, I see what you mean about the primary link being less accessible (it is now just the small "View page" link). There is ongoing research at T115316: Better organisation of the Notification Page about improvements to that page (your feedback welcome!) and I believe there is work to make that page use the same format as the panel, so they will be consistent with each other.

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Re-checked in betalabs (currently at 1.28.0-alpha (4d294bc) ). The page-linked notifications have all present specs in place - the layout and functionality.

According to V 2.0 Notifications -- Showing Updated Text and Links page-linked type notification has a primary link ( as from @Quiddity's comment "the entire rectangular block of the notifications text is now a single link,") which redirects to "The page that was linked from ".

In the screenshot below, for example, clicking on the notification area will direct a user to Mavetuna page. There are also secondary links to 'View changes' diff page and to 'Special:WhatLinksHere'

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 2.22.34 PM.png (434×1 px, 75 KB)

In no-JS mode, there are secondary links that will redirect a user to the same pages ('from', 'View changes', and to 'Special:WhatLinksHere'.

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 2.24.44 PM.png (407×775 px, 51 KB)

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