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Thanks extension breaking all history and diff pages
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Argument 4 passed to ThanksHooks::insertThankLink() must be an instance of User, none given in /var/www/core/extensions/Thanks/Thanks.hooks.php on line 43

Looks like the breaking change was

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Sorry should say, we are MW 1.16.2 and thanks 1.2.0 (2ee8d58)

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I'm guessing you mean 1.26.2...

You should be using the REL1_26 branch, then, shouldn't you? That commit was only on master. Master isn't guaranteed to be compatible with old core versions, normally. Is Thanks an exception to that rule of thumb?

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I copy my comment from the gerrit commit (link):

I suspect, that you don't use a wmf-version, so you shouldn't use the latest master branch of the Thanks extension. You need the following commit in your mediawiki/core checkout:
Btw.: For support request I suggest to use and if you found a bug you could create a task in our phabricator instance: :)

What you see is the expected behaviour, please use the supported branches only :) You can get the REL1_26 version from

My apologies guys.