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[Task] Missing message for translation for Wikibase repo
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In the page's history of items on Wikidata you can find the following messages, but you can not localize them through Please make these messages available for translation. Thanks!

  • wikibase-item-summary-wbsetlabel-set
  • wikibase-item-summary-wbsetlabel-change
  • wikibase-item-summary-wbsetlabel-remove
  • wikibase-item-summary-wbsetdescription-set
  • wikibase-item-summary-wbsetdescription-change
  • wikibase-item-summary-wbsetdescription-remove
  • wikibase-item-summary-wbsetaliases-set
  • wikibase-item-summary-wbsetaliases-change
  • wikibase-item-summary-wbsetaliases-remove

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All these messages were moved to "-entity" names in Wikibase but not on Wikidata. I will check and move all of them to their new names. By the way, I think that Wikidata interface customisation may be cause for T85560 as well.