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Many links on Wikipedia main site viewed on mobile need to be tapped twice
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I often use the non-mobile (desktop) version of Wikipedia from a phone or tablet. (The mobile version is severely lacking functionality and on a tablet the full version of the site displays articles better anyway. I imagine many others do too. )

I've noticed that many links don't work as expected any more: the first tap does nothing or only displays an underline and the second tap actually activates the link. This should be fixed.

It is normal for touch-screen browsers to work around the lack of "on hover" this way, e.g. to allow hover-activated menus to work. However for simple links it will be off-putting and confusing for many users, who will not expect to have to tap a second time and will find links just don't seem to work. Please fix this bug on the desktop site for mobile users.

Example: "View History" tab button on articles on English Wikipedia needs to be tapped twice: the first time just displays an underline. This is unusual and poor UX.

I don't not know how widespread this issue is. Note there is no "view history" tab on the mobile version of the Wikipedia, and I am already angered in anticipation of any reply saying "just use the mobile version". Please don't say that.

Affects both Safari & Chrome on iOS, Whether logged in or not.

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I can sometimes see the problem described using my iOS 9.2 device, and I think I partially understand what is happening, but I'm just not certain yet what triggers it. Possibly this behavior as described in the 2012 blogpost has changed a bit in newer versions of Safari or something, possibly it's a Safari bug related to to that described :hover behavior.

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Yes, same issue as T121590