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It is unclear what is supposed to be stored in ve.init.platform.imageInfoCache
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It is unclear what is supposed to be stored in ve.init.platform.imageInfoCache.

MWMediaDialog (in ve.ui.MWMediaDialog.prototype.confirmSelectedImage) is stuffing oodles of probably completely useless image metadata there (when calling ve.init.platform.imageInfoCache.set( obj )), especially after uploading an image from the dialog. This probably leaks some memory.

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This is used for efficiently sizing/editing of media in the edit page, isn't it?

From grepping around, it looks like it's just width, height, and mediaType.

The API request for uncached images just fetches iiprop:size|mediatype, which gets us:

"imageinfo": [
                        "size": 2309396,
                        "width": 3250,
                        "height": 4333,
                        "mediatype": "BITMAP"

Of those, only width, height, and mediatype are ever actually used... so trimming the media dialog caching down to match the API request looks harmless.

Change 273923 had a related patch set uploaded (by DLynch):
MWMediaDialog: Only cache relevant information

Change 273923 merged by jenkins-bot:
MWMediaDialog: Only cache relevant information

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Deeming this now clear.