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The API should not require CSRF tokens for an OAuth request
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OAuth uses the Authentication header, not cookies, so it's not vulnerable to CSRF attacks. Requiring extra token lookup requests from apps using OAuth is unnecessary extra complexity.

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I'm inclined to decline this: requiring the CSRF tokens doesn't hurt anything besides an extra round-trip once to fetch the token and a few bytes to send it, and it's likely to be much more complex[1] to sometimes require them and sometimes not than it is to just always require them.

I also note that clients that support both OAuth and non-OAuth authentication (e.g. anything that wants to support non-WMF wikis too) will have to already have to have the code for handling the tokens, so it's not even likely to save them anything.

[1]: Specifically, much more complex in the code that actually checks that the token is valid. And unnecessary complexity in security code is generally considered bad.

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@EvanProdromou ran into this one again today. :)