API sandbox's PageLayout looks wrong on a full page
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T129157 resizes the page layout to fit the current height, but that is a hack solution - such a layout isn't really appropriate outside of a fixed height dialog so we should consider other approaches. There probably shouldn't be a border around it either.

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Perhaps we could use a continuous page layout with a floating TOC (the sidebar). This would also address T130497

Yeah, I agree that T129157 is a pretty meh solution to this (and I ran into a couple of very annoying problems with it, related to OOUI not being clever enough about scrollbars). The problem is that MenuLayout/BookletLayout works only when absolutely positioned (T98141).

I'm not sure what this task is about, actually. Is this a duplicate of T129157?

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With T129157 fixed it isn't that bad, but my other objection was having the majority of the page content framed. Should probably be more like https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:Notifications