Underscores in namespace become plus signs if you switch from app to "view in browser"
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On the bottom of every page viewed in the app, there's a "view in browser" link. If I click this link, for example to add a section to a user talk page (which doesn't work in the app), user_talk:xy becomes user+ talk:xy.

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Also reported on the dewiki village pump where someone specified it's about the Android app (I can reproduce it there too), hence adding it to the Android backlog

@Jonathan_Data: Thanks for reporting this! Do you plan to work on a patch to fix this (as you assigned the task to yourself)? Do you need any help to get started? :)

@Aklapper: I didn't yet understand what the assigning of a task to someone actually meant.

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The reason for this is that the Java URLEncoder encodes the url by replacing the space character of "User talk" by "+". To resolve this we can replace the "+" sign with "%20" so that the correct URL can be formed.
Source: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/4737841/urlencoder-not-able-to-translate-space-character
I would like to work on this if the suggested fix is correct?

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It's all yours!

Change 337046 had a related patch set uploaded (by Sandaru):
Fix url encoding error


@Mholloway Thank you very much. I submitted the patch. Please let me know if it need any modifications.

Change 337046 merged by jenkins-bot:
Fix url encoding error


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