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Talk to the chapters/teams interested in WLM to raise their awereness of tech issues
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(This task is an outcome of T131435.)

One of the outcomes of T131435 is that the current WLM Tech Folks do not have capacity for significant work.

We (@JeanFred, @Multichill, and @Lokal_Profil) outlined the following areas of work and defined what we can commit to. Here is the current state:

  • Operations: Making sure things run
    • → OK, JeanFred & André as back-up
  • Development: Bug fixes and new features
    • → Maarten can chip-in some time ;
    • → André may be able to allocate some staff time ;
    • → WMDE?
    • → (Jean-Fred will focus on Ops)
      • We will provide basic bug fixing on the condition that someone steps in as « product owner » for it − triaging tasks, answering basic questions, etc. This does not need to be a tech person.
  • New sources: Adding new sources/countries → ????

The conclusion is that we commit to maintain the current level of service (Operations), and may be able to provide basic bug fixing. Unless more people step in for working on the WLM infrastructure (Wiki-Loves-Monuments-API, Wiki-Loves-Monuments-Database and ErfgoedBot), no new features (except *maybe* those from T131491) will be worked on, and no new sources will be added to the Database.

This has to be communicated to all chapters and teams planning to organise WLM.

  • @Braveheart and @JeanFred will cover this during Wikimania, presentation page
  • The Wikimedia Conference next month sounded like a good opportunity for early talk, unfortunately none of us attended that conference.
  • Next step: Raising the issue/awareness while prepping for the Wikimania presentation.

Event Timeline

JeanFred renamed this task from Talk to the chapters/teams interested in WLM at Wikimedia Conference to raise their awereness of tech issues to Talk to the chapters/teams interested in WLM to raise their awereness of tech issues.Apr 1 2016, 2:01 PM

We need an ambassador for Wikimedia Conference. Who would be there and willing to do this? Maybe @Effeietsanders or @Claudia.Garad?

I could help a bit in the near future with outreach if needed (making inventories etc), for the aff meeting in Berlin, I wouldn't be allowed there, so someone else is a better pick.

Due illness and a short but heavy project, I was not able to take notice of this task before. Yesterday I received a notice about this task, while I just arrived home from the Wikimedia Conference in Berlin. There I asked all the chapters if they plan to participate in Wiki Loves Monuments this year.

Also I estabalished with the Fundraising Team some communication to prevent issues like in 2015.

I am already for years concerned about the sustainability of multiple parts of the project, as well as of a lot of other software. I am very happy with all the work volunteers do, but I see too often happen that there is no secure future. Also I have not forgotten that the WLM app died some years ago. We notice the missing sustainability with this project, but I think it is a movement wide issue what would need a further dialog in the movement.

I think we need to determine as movement which infrastructure should remain active, also if the developer/maintainer for whatever reason stops maintenance, and we need to have a plan to make that happen.

We are way into WLM now :D