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Do not show recent changes for recently deleted pages
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Due too job queue delayes (for example T129517) it is possible to see recent changes for shortly deleted pages, because the cleanup in the recentchanges table is deferred to the job queue.

See red link in screenshot

Maybe it is possible to ignore such rows when select the recent changes by joining page tables.

Feel free to close this as rejected, if this can bring performance problems or just seeing it as small problem.

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Not sure about the MediaWiki version then (1.27-alpha or 1.28-alpha) but possibly this is partly solved by T153849 "Deleted pages' creation entry shows up in Special:RecentChanges as a redlink since MW 1.28" (duplicate of T154425): it is still a deferred update (by design) but it will work better.

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Indeed, closing per those tasks. @Umherirrender Feel free to re-open this or file a new task if you see this again.