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[Task] Skip ahead (Wikispeech)
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Recitation can skip ahead in different intervals (e.g. word, sentence or paragraph)
License: MIT/GPL
Existing: Partially,
To do: Partially existing in that it is possible to click on the word from which one wishes to start. JavaScript is necessary for keyboard shortcuts (same as Property 8)

Identified as a component during the pilot study.

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Jopparn renamed this task from [Task] Skip ahead to [Task] Skip ahead (Wikispeech).Apr 28 2016, 6:50 AM

Initially this will be implemented for words and sentences, see subtasks. Other intervals may be implemented later on.

For words:
Skipping to next word requires the time stamps from the TTS.

For sentences:
Skip to next utterance-element.

For paragraphs:
Information about <p>-tags is not present in the current implementation of Cleaner. This needs to be added.