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Enable user signature in VE in Polish Wikipedia
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Currently the option to add a signature (introduced by T53154) is allowed only in the User: and Pomoc: ("help") namespace. We need to have it enabled in other namespaces as well. The reason is there are pages requiring users to sign up in other namespaces as well, for instance pages of various wiki workshops (example), wikiprojects and whatnot, not only on talk pages.

We held a discussion and several people noticed lack of the signature functionality as a problem (though there was no formal voting, I doubt there needs to be one for such a cosmetic change).

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I'll take care about it with T133980.

You're welcome. Do you want to enable it on all namespaces with VE (including the added in T133980) or only on some of them? Thanks you for reply

All of them. We have reviewed versions enabled on pl wiki anyway, so the risk of new users and anons signing their names everywhere in the mainspace is minimal anyway.

Ok, when I'll get home, I'll set it (about 21:00 CEST). It'll be deployed at Monday 17:00-18:00 CEST.

Change 286286 had a related patch set uploaded (by Urbanecm):
Enable user signature in VE in plwiki

Change 286286 merged by jenkins-bot:
Prompt signing in NS_USER, Portal, Wikiproject on plwiki

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