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Document informatiebots-akoopal in heritage
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The directory informatiebots-akoopal in the heritage/erfgoed repo does something but I'm not entirely sure what or if it is still in use (looks like one-off scripts).

If it's in use (or reusable) could this be documented somewhere (or a pointer to existing documentation be added). If it is no longer of use we should consider making this clear or dropping it from the repo.

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They are bots I run to harvest information from lists and linked articles from those lists, and create an overview. I used to run them on toolserver, with the migration to tool-labs I decided to run them at home again. It is probably still good to have the source in a repository.

This was all created before wikilovesmonuments, I did have thoughts to migrate it to a database, and combine checks with the data from the monuments-database, but that never happened.

@Akoopal: Thanks for clearing this up.

Would you mind taking these through the steps in T131743? i.e. works?/keep?/index.

Should prevent this from happening again in a year =)