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Identify all tools on heritage
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There are various tools in the heritage repo (and likely also some running on wmflabs but not in the repo).

These should be identified and

  • check if they work
  • check if we still want/need them
  • index them (T131734)

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So I discoverd Tripplaner under api/tripplanner while the name gives a hint I don't think it actually does anything at the moment. If it doesn't then we should simply get rid of it.

Taking a step back what do we want to do with the tools that are broken+undocumented+unmaintained?

  1. We simply delete them.
  2. We move them into some museum subcategory which we can then exempt from every type of test and which we ensure is not exposed via .
  3. We leave them where they are.

Hi @Lokal_Profil ,

Is this still an active WLM task for you?
Maybe it has been completed, became redundant, or needs to be put back in the WLM backlog to work on again later?