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Add "other projects" on mobile site
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Given an article with links to other projects
When I open a mobile view of the article
Then I want to see an "In other projects"

The mobile version has an "other languages" but no "other projects".

At nowiki a cleanup of the templates for sister projects are blocked by people that claim this is an important functionality.

Note that there is an "other languages" but no "other projects". (This is the article w:no:Tecumseh (Nebraska))

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Lydia_Pintscher moved this task from incoming to ready to go on the Wikidata board.

Is this about having the 'in other projects' sidebar on mobile, too?
At the moment on Wikipedia mobile it is impossible to go to the related Wikidata Item.
We are very interested in providing this via 'in other projects' sidebar or T183126: Link to wikidata item in mobile view