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Update the "Project portals" page on Meta
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Description page on Meta does not reflect current situation with portals. It should be updated to reflect which portals have been moved to Git, how to contribute to them, etc.

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@CKoerner_WMF This would be a good one for you to look at, when you get back from your conference. Thanks. :-)

Deskana renamed this task from Update "Project portals" on Meta to Update the "Project portals" page on Meta.May 26 2016, 5:21 PM
CKoerner_WMF triaged this task as Medium priority.

This looks a little daunting, but I can take a crack at it.

First round of updates have been added. (diff)

@debt When you have a moment can you review and edit any mistakes?

I've made several edits - looks really good, @CKoerner_WMF, thanks for taking this on! :)

I made another pass to simplify the language and make it more inviting to non-technical folks. I updated and moved the code info later in the page.

@Smalyshev and others, can you please review?

I asked @Jdrewniak to review the page after my edits. The information is now updated and is clearer on where to contribute.