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wikidata-analysis is using 153G on Tools
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The majority of this is in three directories in /data/project/wikidata-analysis:

4.8G oldData2
18G data
131G oldData1

Both directories prefixed with 'old' seem to be nearly a year old:

project/wikidata-analysis# ls -ld oldData1
drwxr-sr-x 7 51356 51356 4096 Jun 24  2015 oldData1
project/wikidata-analysis# ls -ld oldData2
drwxr-sr-x 4 51356 51356 4096 Jun 29  2015 oldData2
project/wikidata-analysis# ls -ld data
drwxr-sr-x 6 51356 51356 4096 Apr 12 09:53 data

Is it possible to remove these 'oldData*' directories?

What is the data retention policy for this tool?


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I'd suggest to backup the .pngs of the maps (with the date they were created) somewhere but assume the rest could be deleted. The images should all be in the public_html folders. Want one of the others to decide on it before I take action though.

This should now be all cleaned up!
Most of the data was from backups of old working code (which also then included some dump files in the directories)