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Provide a way for graphs to be embedded externally
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One of the larger potential uses of multimedia content is in the reuse and sharing elsewhere on the internet. Graphs created with Extension:Graph should have the ability to be encapsulated (most likely via an iframe) to be reused on non-Wikimedia sites.

Initial considerations should include:

*Be sure to include attribution and links back to the source content
*Make it easy to embed - no need to be a HTML-wizard to generate the embed code

Possibly relevant tasks:

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@Susannaanas , @Wittylama, @Spinster , @Multichill -- we hope to start thinking about this in the next 3-6 months, do you have any initial thoughts?

Thigks like these:
A) "map of the the current location of the artworks in the virtual exibition"
B) "map of birthplaces of artists in the virtual exihibition"

are both interesting to Europeana to potentially be able to integrate in some way as "value add" services to visitors since the artworks being featured come from across many different GLAMs. Our ability to bring them together to draw inferences like this is a key point of difference. cc @DivadH

An added level of complexity was this attempt:

  • "showing the movement from A to B"

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