PDF (book) creation fails to render the table "Die zehn höchsten Scheitelwasserstände am Pegel Hohensaaten" on https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oderbruch#Oderhochwasser
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The table "Die zehn höchsten Scheitelwasserstände am Pegel Hohensaaten" in section https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oderbruch#Oderhochwasser is not rendered.

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Reedy: thanks.

@Wikinaut: Is this different from T73808 ?


I find it ridiculuous - if it is really true - that Extension Collection is not supporting the rendering of simple tables.

Is this true ?

I have my printed Dresden and MediaWiki Developer's Guide which were printed some years ago, and these are NOT failing to have tables. For example https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frauenkirche_%28Dresden%29#Glocken _was_ rendered (but is not rendered when you try it now). For me, a clear case of degradation, perhaps related to the (now) two-column rendering ? My book was rendered single-column

collection id 0685601061beaf7449bd25c9427ea4
PDF-Schreib-Version 0.9.3 mwlib-Version 0.12.13

collection id 6ebd4b549b6cf8067309b293f9c10f
PDF writer version 0.10.1 mwlib version 0.15.8

perhaps, this helps

It's up the collection staff to decide whether my _concrete_ example falls into the scope of the general T73808. Please let the Collection people decide, whether my case is related or not.

Is this true ?

I cannot offer any other info than what I already linked to...

Please fix this soon.



I found, that when I use the "preview" of the PediaPress rendering process, the table are correctly shown. However, as reported, the PDF rendering of Wikipedia stills fails to render tables.

Example: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:B%C3%BCcher/Oderbruch_-_Niederfinow_-_Eberswalde_-_Bernau


  • the PDF from Wikipedia (fails to render tables)
  • the Preview (when using the "order a printed book" by PediaPress) (tables are rendered correctly)

pls. fix.

pls. fix.

Please see my previous comment.

@Aklapper I don't understand your comment.

Fact is:

PediaPress rendering process << renders tables correctly.

Mediawiki/Wikipedia rendering does not.

Mediawiki/Wikipedia rendering does not.

Correct, and we all know... That's why T73808 and T135643 exist which I already mentioned in this task.

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