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Upgrade Zuul on scandium.eqiad.wmnet (Jessie zuul-merger)
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I would like to get Zuul upgraded on scandium.eqiad.wmnet which is a Jessie machine and hosting the zuul-merger daemon.

That will cause a short pause of CI processing while the zuul-merger is upgraded (a couple minutes)

The maintenance window would be around half an hour.


I have prepared a new package and tested it out on lab. It seems fine.

The package is on:

Once happy, we would want to publish the package on jessie-wikimedia/thirdparty


ssh scandium.eqiad.wmnet
service zuul-merger stop
dpkg -i zuul_2.1.0-391-gbc58ea3-wmf1jessie1_amd64.deb
service zuul-merger start

Then watch /var/log/zuul/merger.log and on the zuul server (gallium) what for /var/log/zuul/zuul.log


service zuul-merger stop
Reinstall Zuul using the version from 2.1.0-60-g1cc37f7-wmf4jessie1.
service zuul-merger start

Watch /var/log/zuul/merger.log and on the zuul server (gallium) what for /var/log/zuul/zuul.log

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demon subscribed.

Let's do this tomorrow morning maybe?

Let's do this tomorrow morning maybe?


@elukey proposed to review the package and we had a quick discussion about it. Turns out upgrading the zuul merger on a friday evening is not a good idea, so we will look at it monday ;-}

Since I have filled this task, the zuul server on gallium (Precise) has been upgraded to further catchup with upstream ( zuul_2.1.0-391-gbc58ea3 ).

I have merged all changes for jessie and rebuild the package. It looks good and is at

Mentioned in SAL [2016-07-28T12:18:49Z] <hashar> installed 2.1.0-391-gbc58ea3-wmf1jessie1 on zuul-dev-jessie.integration.eqiad.wmflabs T140894

Mentioned in SAL [2016-07-28T12:51:09Z] <elukey> upgrading zuul-merger to zuul_2.1.0-391-gbc58ea3-wmf1jessie (T140894)

hashar assigned this task to elukey.

Luca has done the upgrade and it went flawlessly. I have double checked a few use cases (such as depending jobs, operations/puppet) and it works all fine.

We will want to push to apt.wm.o jessie-wikimedia/thirdparty

I had to rebuild the package on Precise for T93812 and I have rebuild the Jessie one as well. The patch adjust some sleep and is tiny

Have to upgrade scandium from wmf1 to wmf2 and put the wmf2 package on apt.wm.o. Sorry :(

Package material is at:


Then we will be properly in sync and there is no more upgrade / patch I envision to do in the short term :]

[12:43:25] <@elukey> !log upgrading zuul-merger to zuul_2.1.0-391-gbc58ea3-wmf2jessie1_amd64.deb on scandium


Good. Will have to push the packages to apt.wm.o:

Files are in and that should land under jessie-wikimedia/thirdparty

And for Precise files are in for precise-wikimedia/thirdparty.

@hashar there is a problem uploading the jessie package:

Unable to find pool/thirdparty/z/zuul/zuul_2.1.0-391-gbc58ea3.orig.tar.gz needed by zuul_2.1.0-391-gbc58ea3-wmf2jessie1.dsc!
Perhaps you forgot to give dpkg-buildpackage the -sa option,
 or you could try --ignore=missingfile to guess possible files to use.
Deleting files just added to the pool but not used.
(to avoid use --keepunusednewfiles next time)
There have been errors!

The .changes file does not contain the .origin.tar.gz reference so reprepro tries to find it in pool/thirdparty. I think that we'd need to rebuild the package!

Looks like I have been building it without dpkg-gen-changes -sa to force the inclusion of the original tarball in the .changes file.

It is listed in the .dsc at least:

 0e33d993186f71d31fe0f445976804271feb626c 207396 zuul_2.1.0-391-gbc58ea3.orig.tar.gz
 ed2722969e07d083415a8850144c065e4f94749987959bd0a7980b0501bf31dd 207396 zuul_2.1.0-391-gbc58ea3.orig.tar.gz
 1a0ee1e204a50a1ca36d2bf1473ea2e6 207396 zuul_2.1.0-391-gbc58ea3.orig.tar.gz

The corresponding tarball is:

Can we manually alter zuul_2.1.0-391-gbc58ea3-wmf2jessie1_amd64.changes to add the missing fields? Or manually copy zuul_2.1.0-391-gbc58ea3.orig.tar.gz to pool/thirdparty/z/zuul/zuul_2.1.0-391-gbc58ea3.orig.tar.gz ?

One of the reason is that I don't have access to my build machine right now, the other is the Zuul packaging download dependencies from pypi which are not necessarily stuck to a given version. So a repackaging might yield new versions which will have to be carefully checked / tested etc. A bit of a burden I would rather skip if we can manually hack the .changes or copy the file directly.

I will rebuild Zuul to try a patch for T128569 ( ). So there is no need to push the zuul_2.1.0-391-gbc58ea3-wmf2jessie1_amd64 one, it will be obsolete pretty soon :)

@hashar we should also bump the version to 2.5.0 per

Also we should do the same for precise and trusty please?

I have bumped the version to zuul_2.5.0-8-gcbc7f62-wmf2jessie1 and the new package .changes file properly list the orig tarball. Task is T145057