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Request increased quota (floating-IP) for git labs project
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Project Name: git
Type of quota increase requested: floating ip
Reason: We want to test Gerrit and use the production role, including the Letsencrypt setup, so not using the labs proxy.

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Dzahn renamed this task from Request increased quota for <Replace Me> labs project to Request increased quota (floating-IP) for git labs project.Aug 8 2016, 10:18 PM

Is this a long lived thing or a testing phase that we could remove in 90 days or something?

@chasemp hi, I think this is a long thing until we move all code reviewing to differential. Since we will be using this to test changes, before they are deployed to production gerrit to prevent failures when the tests doint catch failures.

Yea, would be nice to keep it as long as we use Gerrit. By the way, 5 IPs have just been released recently from the semi-related staging project, we'd just want one of these.

@chasemp would you be able to do this please?