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Create testing VM and install software
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Create VM on Labs to be used for collaborative development, testing, and/or showing results. Install MediaWiki and necessary extensions. Set up web proxy. Related: T138922 "Show text changes when moving text blocks"

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Created an instance in the catgraph project for testing. Installed mediawiki with wikidiff2 extension. Setup webproxy. Wiki Link:

The diff process is split into parts:

  • a "line diff" part which compares text line by line and outputs a list of copy/delete/add/change operations (DiffEngine.cpp)
  • some postprocessing (Wikidiff2.cpp, Wikidiff2::diffLines)
  • output formatting (TableDiff.cpp, InlineDiff.cpp)

Possibly we can implement some of the requested features by some additional postprocessing. Others might reqire changing the line diff part. Changes to the output formatting are probably not required at first.

I also installed MW and dependencies on my local machine for development. The plan is to work with somebody else from the team to "translate" the changes to PHP later.