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Confidentiality agreement in farsi (fa): add to Legalpad
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Description has been translated and proofread by @Huji. Please add it to Legalpad. Thank you!

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Ohai :-) Any updates here? Thanks!

MarcoAurelio added subscribers: jrbs, Jalexander.

@Jalexander @jrbs Why is this simple task taking so long to get done? @Huji can you please check if the Meta-Wiki translation is still accurate and up-to-date before publishing it here on Phabricator? Thanks!

Give me a few days, and I will reconfirm the accuracy and currency of the translation.

Done. I used this opportunity to clean up and formalize the language in a few places.

Boldly declining because the text of the agreement was updated on November 2018 with a new version.

Would you like me to translate the new version?

I'd ask the people in charge of acl*access-policy-approvers if they're willing to post a translation this time first.