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Show grey rectangle even on fast hovering
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Current situation
When you hover quickly over the revision bars, the tooltip moves with the mouse. The grey rectangle that connects the tooltip to the corresponding bar, however, disappears.

Let the grey rectangle connect the tooltip and the revision also when hovering quickly.

This is part of adding the revision slider to the revision diff page. The revision slider is a feature that adds a visualization of all revisions to the compare screen.
The revision slider was originally prototyped by the WMF Community Tech team and then handed over to the WMDE TCB team, as it is also a solution to fulfill a wish of the German Community Wishlist:

Event Timeline

Change 305651 had a related patch set uploaded (by Jakob):
Remove transition on revision wrapper hover.

I'm not 100% sure I understood the task description correctly. In the patch I just removed the transition that slowly fades in the background color on hover.

Change 305651 merged by jenkins-bot:
Remove transition on revision wrapper hover.

WMDE-leszek set the point value for this task to 2.