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Upgrade Jenkins to 1.651.3
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What's new in 1.651.3 (2016/06/08)

  1. Cannot enable disabled dependencies. (issue 32340)
  2. Listed Parameters should reflect what was used when the build ran. (issue 34858)
  3. Installation Wizard: SEVERE errors in logs, enabling of the enabled plugin. (issue 34710)
  4. Check Updates PeriodicWork dies horribly in the case of invalid signature. (issue 34745)
  5. RSS ID duplication for items with same name in different folders. (issue 34767)
  6. Remoting, scalability: Ensure that the unexporter cleans up whatever it can each GC sweep. (issue 34213)
  7. Remoting: Force class load on UserRequest to prevent deadlocks on Windows nodes agents in the case of multiple classloaders. (Controlled by hudson.remoting.RemoteClassLoader.force) (issue 19445)
  8. Remoting: Allow Jenkins admins to adjust the socket timeout. (Controlled by hudson.remoting.Engine.socketTimeout) (issue 34808)
  9. Remoting: Allow disabling the remoting protocols individually. Allows working around compatibility issues like JENKINS-34121. (Controlled by PROTOCOL_CLASS_NAME.disabled) (issue 34819)

Upgrade process:

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hashar added a subscriber: thcipriani.

I will probably just do it on Monday morning. Should be straightforward.

2.x is T144106

hashar triaged this task as High priority.Sep 26 2016, 11:05 AM
hashar moved this task from Untriaged to Backlog on the Continuous-Integration-Infrastructure board.

@hashar hi, are we going to do the 2.x update or are we going to do our last 1.x upgrade and then upgrade to 2.x as it looks like 1.x is no longer supported + there seems to be newer 1.x releases but there not lts. But that doesn't matter as 1.x doesn't look like it is getting any newer releases nor has 1.651.x received any updates either. 2.x is now the new lts release.

@hashar should we close this as declined as it looks like we are going with 2.7.3?

We went with some next LTS instead and are now at Jenkins 2.46.2 ( T144106 ).