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Tools can get marked as enabled/disabled incorrectly in NWE
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  • Format tool always shows Paragraph as ticked format
  • Bolding something does not always mark Bold as enabled
  • Changing something from Bold+Italic to just Italic or just Bold marks both as disabled
  • Changing some text to a bullet list does not mark bullet list as enabled
  • Changing something to not be a numbered list will leave it marked as enabled

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Jdforrester-WMF set the point value for this task to 8.

It's possible we may not want to do all of these things for performance reasons. In VE we can just lookup the annotations at a particular offset, whereas in wikitext we need to run a RegEx over the whole paragraph for every annotation that is known about.

Also it may not make as much sense as you can't always remove annotations from your selection, so saying that a given selection is annotated may be misleading.

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OK, let's mark this as Resolved for now and we can re-visit later if we remain unhappy.