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Wikimedia Research published output
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Build a list of published output by Wikimedia Research (broadly defined, including pre-2015 work)

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I created a preliminary list in the Etherpad, as part of the T131204 epic.

The list includes all published research output – journal articles; book chapters; conference papers, posters, and invited keynotes; workshop reports; research datasets; research code – with a DOI by Wikimedia Research (broadly defined to include pre-2015 work). In the coming weeks, I'd like to ask you to review this list, fill any gaps (in particular research libraries with a DOI or papers/outputs that I am missing), remove items that shouldn't be there (because you were not working at/for Wikimedia when you wrote them). I'll take care of the rest.

Note that I didn't include Wikimedia-related research output published by our fellows: we should come up with a policy and discuss it with them (including the use of the affiliation going forward).

Work that is not by the team broadly defined but is funded by WMF will be tagged in the future via a Funder ID (T144436)

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@Halfak @Capt_Swing @ellery @leila please review this list and add anything that's missing or you want me to remove. Next step is to move this to a wiki where the metadata will be autopopulated (including Wikidata where each of these entries will be created as items).

@DarTar every significant wiki pub I've had since 2012 is on there.

@DarTar confirming that I reviewed the etherpad and you have what I've coauthored covered. Thanks!