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Reindex all image files to include metadata index fields
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After we create mappings for image metadata, we will need to reindex image files to include the data into the index. Only files in NS_FILE will need to be reindexed.

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We can work on this after T145558 is done

shouldn't require any special code, just a maintenance script to run on the cluster. The forceSearchIndex.php has a --namespace option where we can select NS_FILE.

Remember to schedule this onto the deployment calendar on wikitech, following the new request that maintenance actions should be identified there.

I'm so happy this is happening, thanks guys!

Reindexed most of the wikis except for group1 which has commonswiki.

Waiting for T147957 deploy and then terbium restart on 27th, after which we proceed to reindex commons.

All wikis are reindexed, though since it needs also map reindex, it's still not enabled everywhere, e.g. not on Commons.