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Jenkins: /srv/deployment/integration/slave-scripts/bin/ No such file or directory
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This might be because we switched from /mnt to /srv

I belive I know the problem.

The problem is that it will wipe that directory clean after a test. So it will wipe those scripts.

And also didn't we redirect /srv to /mnt so that could be the case too

@Mattflaschen-WMF thank you to have filled a bug! For the record the issue was:

line 2: /srv/deployment/integration/slave-scripts/bin/ No such file or directory

Which is because I changed the labs instances to use /srv instead of /mnt ( T146381 ) . To do I have mounted the disk to /srv, which has hide everything under it.

The next puppet run (which I forced) fixed it by re populating everything.

I think a handful of patches got impacted which I all rechecked. I should have been a bit more careful, anyway it is done now.