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Make deployment-prep puppetmaster more similar to Production puppetmaster
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Currently it runs role::puppet::self for the master, which is a strange copypasta version of puppetmaster config from a long time ago (See T120159 for details). We need to do the following:

  1. Move it to role::puppetmaster::standalone, which uses the puppetmaster module
  2. Setup puppetdb for it
  3. Make the way hiera works for deployment-prep closer to how it works for production

And maybe other things?

(Ongoing discussion, part of the ops offsite. Just a strawman proposal!)

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Will setting up puppetdb fix T72792?

Was anything brought up during the ops offsite that should be added to this? If not, let's do it on Monday?

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According to openstack browser this uses ::standalone as of now. Seems the ony thing left to do here is a more general change in how we handle puppet at the beta cluster (for example heira). That's tracked at T161675.