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Update instructions for adding a new source
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The current instructions at Commons:Monuments_database/Harvesting#Configure_a_new_source should be updated to account for the json set-up in T145333.

This should also document the missing "missingCommonscatPage" (found in T143573) and strongly recommend first doing a mock harvesting using the mechanisms introduced in

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We should probably also update the deployment instructions =)

  1. check out the patch from gerrit
  2. do a docker dry harvest
  3. merge patch on gerrit
  4. run
  5. copy deploy message
  6. post message on irc
  7. drink tea

I documented missingCommonscatPage

@Lokal_Profil @JeanFred any news on this? Haven't done this in a while and the documentation at looks outdated. Implication is that you two are currently the only people who are able to add sources.

I updated a bit − it’s not the best docs but looks fairly up to date. The one really missing part is how to configure Wikidata-based sources.