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GlobalSign intermediate updates for one-offs
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These are the affected GlobalSign certs that weren't handled in the first pass with the updates to the cache terminators:

CertFixed?Notes is icinga, service is slapd, service is slapd[12]001; restarted exim4 Labs notes below not needed, internal, see Labs notes below

For the ones initially marked Fixed/Simple above: the service host is sshable into the same hostname the cert is obviously for, and were fixed (after the puppet merge of the new intermediate) with:

touch /etc/ssl/localcerts/*.org.crt; puppet agent -t; service nginx restart; service apache2 restart

Labs notes:
It's a simple nginx restart after the touch/puppet as above, the question is just finding the right hosts:
Instance pattern names for hosts using the certs:
Finding the current instances: root@labcontrol1001:~# source ~/; nova list --all-tenants | egrep 'tools-(proxy|static)-'

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seaborgium and serpens use certs from our internal CA, not from GlobalSign.

The ones in the puppet repo under files/ssl/ are signed by GlobalSign.... I wonder what's out of sync here?

When we setup the openldap replacement servers for the OpenDJ setup, we started with an internal cert from the beginning. From what I can tell, we probably still had the old Globalsign cert around and this was only noticed when it recently expired:
I followed up on that task to remove them.

These are all fixed up now I believe, except for the 3x externally-hosted sites, which still link to the R1 root....

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Resolving for now, as we've covered what we can cover here in Ops. We'll need this ticket as a reference if we (quite likely) revert to the R1-based intermediate after the 4 day window of OCSP invalidity expires.