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Enabling "rich content" editor for template fields
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Hey there,

Since it is possible to have the "rich content editor" when editing Captions for Media elements (the VisualEditor bar that allows me to insert rich content), is it possible to have it also for template fields?

tmpyqyZFH-save.png (402×711 px, 27 KB)

I tried setting the data-type of the field via TemplateData to "content" (since in the docs it is said that "content" is for formatted and content stuff) in the hope of VisualEditor picking that up but it was just displayed as a simple text field.

If it is not currently possible, is it something planned?

On our wiki we are relying a lot on rich-content heavy templates and having this would make the process to switching to full visual editor much better.

Thanks a lot, any reply is appreciated!


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Yes - this has been in our pipeline for a long time, but it is blocked on support from Parsoid.

What about support for balanced-wikitext only?
In this way parsoid support it now or al least it does on the image objects

This is planned, but work here has been paused for a while. I hope we'll have the time to get some progress on this soon.