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Add Scribunto/Lua debug information to PerformanceInspector
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According to the email here, PerformanceInspector is supposed to replace the old data shown at the bottom of the pages. These also included LUA logs, so it would make sense to also include that information in this module.

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Showing the LUA logs was proposed by someone as a Google-Code-In-2016 project. @Aklapper , do you think this would be a good fit? I cannot mentor it (at least as part of PerformanceInspector), but I can elaborate on the requirements if needed.

Adding to Google Code In in the hope that a mentor can be found.

@Peter , are you interested in mentoring this task? This was a request from our (ro.wp) community and I would love to see this listed in GCI, but I don't have the know-how to mentor it.

Looks like noone replies unfortunately (who could also judge if this would be good first task enough) hence removing GCI tag. :(

Krinkle renamed this task from Make PerformanceInspector show LUA logs to Add Scribunto/Lua debug information to PerformanceInspector.Nov 1 2017, 1:39 AM
Krinkle added a project: Scribunto.
Krinkle subscribed.

Declining per T194684.

@Krinkle just to clarify, will the current data shown at the bottom of the pages still be available or not?

@Strainu The non-visual meta data (JSON and HTML comment) currently there is not going away indeed.

@Krinkle I was specifically asking about the visible data, such as the table with the CPU time and the lua logs. This bug was created when the logs had vanished because of the email linked in the description. They then reappeared, which made the bug less important. I would like to know how will we be able to access the Lua logs in the future.

@Strainu Ah that table. Yeah, that's unrelated to this task.

This task was about the development of a new performance inspector, and specifically to also show the Scribunto data there.

We decided not to add it. Nothing is being removed.