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cleanup marker metrics published by Kartotherian
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Graphite has about 57K metrics about markers published by Kartotherian:

gehel@graphite1001:/var/lib/carbon/whisper$ find kartotherian/marker/ -type f | wc -l

About half of those metrics have not been written in the last 15 days.

@MaxSem: could you have a look and see if those metrics still make sense?

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list of all markers:

It seems that Kart's recording every marker/color combination that gets requested which means that the number of metrics will be humongous as time goes by - @Yurik, looks like Kartotherian should stop recording these.

Agree. I will get to it shortly, and deploy.

Yurik added a project: Maps-Sprint.
Yurik moved this task from Backlog to In progress on the Maps-Sprint board.

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-operations) [2016-12-15T16:36:01Z] <gehel> cleaning up unused kartotherian marker metrics from graphite - T150254

Markers cleaned, only aggregated marker metric is left.