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Edits of global bots are not autosighted anymore in fiwiki
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Global bot Xqbot which fixes double redirects stopped being flagged revs autoreviewed 21.10.2016. Bot is still autopatrolled so global bot -flag works in general.

Support for global bot right was added to Flagged Rews at ticket T18792 / 2008 and local workaround is to add local bot right.

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FlaggedRevs should check with the new User::isBot() function.

Yes, we removed the local bot flag from Xqbot and its edits are not automatically reviewed.

Maybe just add autoreview to global bots via Any steward can do so. @MarcoAurelio, opinions?

I can do that, but looking at T233561 and related tasks, this looks like a Regression. If we need this as a temporary workaround please let me know and I'll add it.

Indeed global bots do not have 'autoreview' permissions. See a comparaison between Xqbot and AvicBot (both global bots, but Xqbot is locally flagged, while AvicBot is not). Only Xqbot has 'autoreview' permissions as part of its local group membership.

I took a look at the global permissions global-bots do have but 'autoreview' is missing from the Meta form so I need to wait until gets deployed.

I've added autoreview to the global bot wikiset. Global bots should have as of now its edits automatically marked as reviewed again.