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Wikidata descriptions should not be auto-capitialized
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Steps to reproduce

  1. Go to the Wikipedia:Wikidata/Wikidata Sandbox article
  2. Change the description to start with a lowercase letter

Expected results

Description is presented with a lowercase leading letter

Actual results

Description is presented with a uppercase leading letter

Environments observed

App version: 4d124bfef1aaa35d265b549dab697bb413f0a9d2
Android OS versions: API 24
Device model: Nexus 6P
Device language:English

Event Timeline

IIRC this is an intentional design choice and not a bug. Might be worth revisiting, I guess, since there's a new sheriff in town now.

@RHo, what say you? Continue to capitalize all descriptions in the presentation layer, or show them as stored in the database (i.e., usually un-capitalized)?

@Niedzielski – yep @Mdholloway is correct there is a capitalization transform when the wikidata description is displayed in the context of a 'subtitle' in articles (it is the same for iOS and mobile web), and also on search results.

Suggest we should decline changing current working-as-intended design for now. We can monitor whether Android user contributions to descriptions lead to an increase in incorrectly capitalized and revisit if needed.

Niedzielski added a subscriber: Kaartic.

@Kaartic, closing per rationale above ^

IIRC this is an intentional design choice and not a bug. Might be worth revisiting, I guess, since there's a new sheriff in town now.

@Mholloway If you were referring to me, read below else ignore this.

I just thought I would be of help by reporting what I found a bit weird. If I seem to be over doing things somewhere please correct me so I would be careful the next time.

Hi @Kaartic – I'm fairly sure @Mholloway was referring to me as I'm the new UX designer on Android (plus my fondness for cowboy hats :))

We definitely appreciate when unexpected behaviour is reported by users, so thanks for filing. And per above comment we'll keep an eye out for spikes in incorrect capitalizations being submitted to wikidata once Android allows this type of contribution and reassess if necessary.

Please forgive my ignorance. I guess I'm starting to imagine things a lot :)

Yes, thanks for the report, @Kaartic! I was indeed referring to @RHo as the "new sheriff in town." Good reminder to be clear in writing, though. :)

Good reminder to be clear in writing, though. :)

And a good lesson for me to give everything a second thought before making assumptions :)

@Mholloway To be more exact, it's more of a lesson to me than to you.

BTW please do not thank for reporting, it's one of my interests. :)

May I know the actual intention the first letter of the description is capitalized ?

I thought keeping it the way in which it was stored would be better. When description editing enters the beta or release version of the app, displaying the description in the way it was stored/created would avoid any surprises to users who see the first letter of the description capitalized when they didn't actually do it.

Hi @Kaartic – The main reason to apply sentence casing is for consistency across different articles where the article title, disambiguation (hatnote) text and first sentence all use sentence casing.
A second point for consistency is that without this intervention, there would be some subtitles starting with lowercase and others start with uppercase if we were not to apply first-letter capitalization.

You can actually read full discussion from the wider Web and Reading team about this topic on another ticket:
T131013: Don't capitalize Wikidata descriptions when viewing article
This ticket is still open for monitoring so Android will likely follow its final resolution.

@RHo Thanks for the link. It seems there has been a pretty long discussion on this already.