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Remove empty sublocales for Kazakh language (kk)
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Remove no needed fallbacks (KK-KZ, KK-TR, KK-CN) for Kazakh language. It is not needed now.


  1. Go toЖұлдыз?useformat=mobile#/languages this link. Screenshot:
    no needed lang vars.png (540×966 px, 32 KB)
  2. and go to then select user profile then select Content language variant dropdown menu. Screenshot:
    2016-11-15 11_10_05-lang vars.png (227×560 px, 15 KB)
  3. and go toАмерика_Құрама_Штаттары&action=edit&setlang=en this article edit window link, and scrolling down to Wikidata entities used in this page. Screenshot:
    What is this.png (423×941 px, 40 KB)

External discussion

Query courtesy Legoktm:

mysql:wikiadmin@db1077 [kkwiki]> select count(up_user), up_value from user_properties where up_property="language" and up_value like "kk%" group by up_value;
| count(up_user) | up_value |
|              1 | kk-Arab  |
|              3 | kk-arab  |
|              3 | kk-cn    |
|              9 | kk-cyrl  |
|            342 | kk-kz    |
|             13 | kk-latn  |
|              4 | kk-tr    |
7 rows in set (0.01 sec)

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Nemo_bis renamed this task from Remove no needed fallbacks for Kazakh language to Remove empty sublocales for Kazakh language (kk).Nov 15 2016, 6:45 AM
Nemo_bis lowered the priority of this task from High to Medium.

The sublocales/variants were added in 9494318cb44c171280edc00c2396fd042aa6aa7b for no known reason (T8700: Kazakh language variants in Names.php), without translations.

Localisation statistics show there are zero translated messages; the variants are currently blacklisted and were removed from the portal by an unregistered user in 2008. knows only one non-Wikimedia wiki in Kazakh. It would be nice to confirm that few or no users are using this language in their preferences on Wikimedia wikis.

Why did you assign this to Arrbee? Did you ask her in private?

Arystanbek added a subscriber: Arrbee.

@Arystanbek: Whoever decides to work on this. That could be you if you plan to provide a patch, or anyone else.

In general, resources of teams are limited when it comes to working on requests. We want to be realistic about communicating what is being worked on, to maximize the impact of changes. Practically, this often unfortunately means assigning a low priority to many tasks.

@Arystanbek : I do not know, and not many people will be able to find out if you do not provide a link for the screenshot that you posted which would allow others to reproduce. Please see :)

@Arystanbek: Please do not edit or add random project tags or change the status of a task without providing reasons why, and please do not create duplicates. Thanks for keeping Phabricator a place that allows people to track their work and their tasks.