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Handle unsupported page language
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When a page is in a language that the TTS server does not support we want to ensure that the user gets relevant feedback and that unnecessary requests to the TTS are not made.

Things to consider:

  • Determine if page language is supported before triggering cleaner/segmenter. Making use of Languages available for TTS.
    • Make sure js can deal with cleaner/segmenter not being triggered.
  • Should behaviour be different on mono- and multilanguage wikis?
  • Output error message?
  • Hide buttons?
  • Allow user to try synthesizing the text in a different language? (Are there cases where using a similar language makes sense?)

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A thought on this.

It might be best to store supported languages in the config. The default value would be "all languages which we currently support in the TTS". That way if a new language is included only the default config would need to updated.

The benefit is that you don't need a call to the TTS for every page and any non-WMF wiki using Wikispeech could choose to only allow (or even install) certain languages.

Of course it wouldn't be bad to have a build test which ensures the default config languages are the same as those supported by the TTS.

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