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EventBus logs don't show up in logstash
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There's been a burst of 400 errors in the Event-Platform and the local service file log is full of errors, but there's none showing up in logstash.

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Restricted Application added a subscriber: Aklapper. · View Herald TranscriptDec 13 2016, 12:38 AM

Ok, apparently @bd808 temporarily disabled logging in Can that be reverted now?

Have you done anything to change the code that was causing the failures as noted in T150106#2774165 and T150106#2777178? We did not come up with a generic solution for either problem where mixed scalar and object values are stored under the same field name.

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Pchelolo added a comment.EditedMar 6 2017, 8:22 PM

Looks like was improved by

Now the event property in ChangeProp is always a string, so it's consistent within the service, Event-Platform extension doesn't ever include the event entry any more, but I'm not sure what EventLogging Service does. @Ottomata ?

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Ah ok, I remember what's going on here. So is about eventlogging error event logs conflicting with change prop's event object. As @Pchelolo, if changeprop now emits event as a string, this shouldn't conflict.

I'm not sure how was related though, as I don't think the EventBus extension doesn't really emits log errors with an event field.

Can we reenable EventBus extension logstash stuff and see what happens?

Ottomata added a comment.EditedJul 17 2017, 2:52 PM

I think the conflict was with the eventlogging_EventError topic. This data contains EventLogging Analytics events that did had errors, usually one that did not validate. EventLogging Analytics events are all wrapped in a capsule, with the actual event data contained in an event object.

  "wiki": "",
  "uuid": "3548417061a911e7860e90b11c2d80e4",
  "timestamp": 1499276503,
  "schema": "EventError",
  "revision": 14035058,
  "recvFrom": "eventlog1001.eqiad.wmnet",
  "event": {
    "schema": "MobileWikiAppFindInPage",
    "revision": 14586774,
    "rawEvent": "xxxxxxxx",
    "message": "findText is a required property",
    "code": "validation"

Marcel had done some work in the past to ingest eventlogging_EventError from Kafka into logstash, but I'm not sure of the current status of that.

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The EventBus logs were fixed and now can be seen in log stash. Resolving.