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NWE shouldn't mark inserted ISBN with <nowiki> tags
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Hi all,
I've noticed NWE marks inserted text with nowiki tags when it contain ISBN. I think this is unwanted behaviour.


Steps to reproduce

  1. Open any page at
  2. Edit the page with NWE
  3. Try to insert EASSEY, George. Esence ájurvédy. Olomouc: Fontána, c2007. ISBN 978-80-7336-398-7.

Current behaviour
NWE cover ISBN to nowiki tags

Expected behaviour
NWE pasts ISBN as it is in original text.

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Sorry about the slow response; we fixed it last month but I've only now got to this task.

The bug reappeared for some ISBNs. See the steps below.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Go to (Czech generator for bibliographic references)
  2. Into the textbox insert ISBN 9788024747354
  3. Click Generovat citaci
  4. Click Ukázat citaci
  5. Select&copy the reference displayed
  6. Go to any page at
  7. Open it in NWE
  8. Insert the copied reference from step 5 to the page

What should happen
The ISBN is inserted as-is

What happened
The ISBN is covered with <nowiki> tags.

Is it re-appearance of this bug? Or should I fill another task?

I did a little experimentation. It appears this bug is being triggered by T153315. Instead of doing a normal copy-paste, the NewEditor defaults to trying to convert HTML into wikitext. When it sees the italics it triggers HTML->Wikitext conversion. Then nowikis get spammed into your wikitext.