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Separate link text from page header in MediaWiki:Contributions
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MediaWiki:Contributions is both a special page title (1) and a navigation link on user-pages and user-talk-pages (2). This is not suited for some languages, because wording must be equivalent to:

(1) Some users contributions
(2) This users contributions

respectively. Even more complicated, there should be a difference betwen the special page form only asking for a user name or ip address on special:contributions (1), and the listing of someones contributions on special:contributions (3), an english equivalent would be:

(1) Some users contributions
(3) Contributions of a user /or/ (3b) Contributions of user someuser

to be understood in the way that "some user" needs to be unspecific, while "a user" has to be a specific wording.
The (3b) version could likely be used instead of (2), at least in all languages that I am aware of. Version (3) cannot replace (2).

Version: 1.11.x
Severity: enhancement



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(1) vs (2) is bit hard to do given how our skins are done.

I don't quite understand the latter part? Shouldn't the page title stay constant, and the subtitle say what we are actually looking at?

You may be right, a header might be constant, and a subheader might take the variable part(s).
Yet, in some languages, you must use specific or unspecific grammar (similar to English: "the user" or "a user", but you don't have "user"), so you must make a choice at some point.

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