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CopyPatrol: Add entry number in interface & allow direct link to an entry
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An user ask how he can share an entry with others patrollers. So print somewhere the entry number (id column of the DB) can be good.

At the same time, I propose to add the possibility to share directly to an entry by a direct link, like copypatrol/fr?id=25727. This URL would show only the entry specified by the ID.

To get the permalink URL, there will be a "Permalink" link in small text under the "Reviewed by" text (or under the review buttons if there is no text).

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This is a good idea and should be easy to do. I think we could simply have a small "permalink" link for each record (or maybe the glyphicon-link available through Bootstrap), and when clicked will bring you to CopyPatrol with only that record shown, like the example you provided. This way we don't expose the confusing record ID in the interface itself. One could easily copy the URL of the permalink and share it with others.

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Merged and deployed!

Thanks you two ! I've updated the documentation:)

Thank you! I guess we should update those screenshots, too. I will work on that.