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PictureGame image upload frame doesn't fully show
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Same as T155325, except for PictureGame

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Is this issue still open Can I work on this?

Is this issue still open

It is!

Can I work on this?

Please do! (And please feel free to add me as a reviewer for any and all patches.)

Hey @SamanthaNguyen, could you please indicate the steps to reproduce the error? What's the namespace for accessing PictureGame?

Hey @SamanthaNguyen, could you please indicate the steps to reproduce the error? What's the namespace for accessible PictureGame?

Samantha's not currently actively working on social tools. You can access the main PictureGame special page at Special:PictureGameHome. Specifically you'll want to be on the form for creating a new picture game; the URL will be something like http://localhost/devwiki/index.php?title=Special:PictureGameHome&picGameAction=startCreate

Ensure that you're logged in as a user who can upload files (and that file uploads *are* enabled in the first place!) and that the copy-by-upload feature ($wgAllowCopyUploads = true;) is enabled in your wiki's LocalSettings.php and that a user group that you're a member of has the upload_by_url user right.

Once these prerequisites are met and you're on the aforementioned special page, the UI glitch that this ticket describes should be painfully obvious.

I look forward to reviewing your patch!

Hey @ashley, thanks for spending some time describing the issue in more detail.
Here's the screenshot I have. From what I can see, the upload frames seem to be partially cut. The upload buttons and other parts of the form do not appear.

I'll give it a try.

Change 617827 had a related patch set uploaded (by African Hope; owner: African Hope):
[mediawiki/extensions/PictureGame@master] v3.4.1 - Fix the height and width of the image upload frame in PictureGame special page